Public Education

For liver disease patients, their families and the public, the Canadian Liver Foundation provides access to knowledge that can help shed light on what is often a bewildering and frightening illness. Through our education and prevention programs, as well as our support initiatives, we endeavour to dispel the misconceptions, alert everyone to the risks, share the latest research and treatment information and most importantly, provide hope to those living with liver disease.

The Foundation has developed comprehensive and multi-lingual educational materials, presentation kits and communication tools covering signs, symptoms and treatments of liver disease, as well as wellness and prevention advice. We also hold public seminars and participate in health fairs, workplace, school and community presentations. 

In 2007, the CLF launched its LIVERight (pronounced ‘live right’) initiative to help demonstrate the vital role the liver plays in life-long health and to provide tools and information to help Canadian of all ages nurture and protect their liver health. LIVERight focuses on six areas in which people can have a positive impact on their liver health: nutrition, exercise, environment, immunization, medication management and risk management.

Over the years, we have reached out to Canadians with our LIVERight message via print ads, posters, bookmarks, public presentations, print materials and through the publications and programs listed below.

LIVERight Ezine

LIVERight Awards program

LIVERight Checklists

Cheers TV PSA