National Board of Directors

The Canadian Liver Foundation National Board of Directors is comprised of physicians and private business people who are committed to making a difference in the fight against liver disease.

The CLF Board of Directors is the highest level of decision-making and authority in the Foundation and its role is to act as a public steward by governing the affairs of the organization. Each member serves a term of three years with a possible extension for those who take on a leadership role. 

The following is a list of the CLF’s National Board members:


Morris Sherman, M.D., FRCPC
Toronto, Ontario

Past CLF Chairman and Chairman of National Development Advisory Committee

Kevork Peltekian, M.D., FRCPC
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Elliot Jacobson, CA, ICD.D
Toronto, Ontario

Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee

Eric Yoshida M.D., FRCPC
Vancouver, British Columbia

Chairman, National Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee:

Pascale Cloutier, LLB
Toronto, Ontario

Chairman, National Education Advisory Committee:

Diana Mager, PhD MSc RD
Edmonton, Alberta

Chairman, Asian Advisory Committee:


Chairman, International Advisory Committee:

Loretta Lam
Markham, Ontario



Michael Betel
Toronto, Ontario

Lillian Chieh
Toronto, Ontario

Kim Ewasechko
Victoria, British Columbia

Michael Galego
Toronto, Ontario

Thierry Gauthier
Montreal, Quebec

Mel Krajden M.D.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Aaron Paas
Toronto, Ontario

Eberhard Renner M.D., FRCPC
Toronto, Ontario

Vanessa Vidas
Toronto, Ontario

Theresa Albert
Toronto, Ontario

Rick Jeysman
Markham, Ontario