count dracula and his demons

Hi my name is Randy and I have cirrhosis caused by drugs at a young age. I ended up with hepatitis C.  Now that I'm 47 years old, the abuse I put my body through is taking its toll. My liver is almost done. I have bilirubin. Doctor tells me I am diabetic and most of all I was told I need a liver transplant. The only luck I have is that I'm still here .Take my advice, pain really does hurt  -- not only me but my family. NOW comes the wait for what's next - - so good luck and good bye.

I am writing this second part as I have now been told that I have liver cancer and I go for chemotherapy on April 29. It is to stop the cancer from spreading until I get a liver transplant. I wonder if they know how much pain we are going through.The vampires are always thirsty taking viles of blood every time I see the doctor. This is no fun. Good bye and good luck.
Randy, London, Ontario