my story

My sister got sick and was hospitalized. They couldn't figure out what was wrong and took blood work because the only symptom she had was diabetes and was very tired. At the beginning they were not sure what they were looking for. Next thing she knew she was unable to care for herself, she lost a lot of weight until she was just skin and bones so she moved in with my parents. My mother took care of her the last three weeks of her life. Her legs started to be weak and my mother was overwhelmed, so we took our turns taking care of her and finally when we couldn't and decided to take her in again, they took more tests. They said that it might take awhile for results and in the mean time she passed away of after a mere 6 months. Shortly afterwards, my mother started to get sick. She was tired but she kept saying she was fine. I could see the change in her skin colour, so needless to say she never complained about being sick until her last month. She told the family she was sick and tests were taken and we were waiting on results. Needless to say, she had the same condition weak legs, tired, and she died 8 months after we buried my sister without knowing what was wrong.

Mom never lived long enough to have a biopsy done and we never really knew what my sister died of either, we just knew they had the same symptoms. A couple of months later I started feeling sick and tired. Around this time the results from my mom's tests came back and they said she had Primary Bilary Cirrohsis, My doctor took my blood tests and my tests came back positive for PBC, So I went for biopsy and was put on medication. I have lived with this for 5 years now. I believe that had it not been for the death of my sister and mother I would not be here today. Because of their loss, the doctor knew what kind of tests to take. I lost my sister and my mother so I could live, My blessing and my loss.
denise, edmonton, alberta