Gallbladder Surgery

This all started 5 years ago with having to have my gallbladder out. While in there the doctor saw something on my liver so he took a piece out and sent it for a biopsy. About a week later my family doctor called me and said that I need to be in his office ASAP no excuses that in itself scared the hell out of because my doctor has never done that before. When I got in the office the look on his face said it was not good. He drop the bomb you have cirrhosis of the liver. I sat there with my month open I could not believe what he just told me, all I could say was I don't drink how. From there he sent me to what was supposed to be a specialist. All he said was lose weight and all your problems will go away, I'm not a doctor but one thing I knew is that cirrhosis can kill you. It is now at the 3rd year dealing with this that finally someone told me that I have only 40% of a working liver. I have been going to TGH every 6 months for checkups and ultrasounds on my liver, it is pain to have to do this but I do what I have to. I asked the last time I was there about a living transplant because I have family that is willing to do this; the doctor said that I do not qualify. Why that is the question I have now and no-one can answer that. Why should anyone have to live with the not knowing when the liver is going to fail, especially when you have people ready and willing to give up part of their liver for you. Maybe with telling my story someone out there will give me the answer to my question why do I not qualify for a living donor transplant.

Violet, Oshawa Ont