Hep C And Liver Disease

Hello I would like to begin with the fact that I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1996.  I am really unsure how I contracted the Hep C. The actual liver diagnosis came I believe around 2003-04. I have had prolonged bouts of severe leg cramping that at times were so bad that I could not stand up or straighten my legs out for a few moments and sometimes have had to lay on the floor & cry.  This sounds kind of crazy for a man to admit this but it is true very sad to say. I have also had severe back pain & when I went to the emergency ward and sat there in agony for 9 hours before I seen someone. Told them the problem they thought I had kidney stones sent me for x-rays twice and an ultrasound and eventually told me there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home.The last time I saw my liver specialist he told me I had between 3 & 5 yrs so he thought.Things have been at times an emotional roller coaster ride I have a spouse who does not believe I am sick & seems to think I should be working full-time which is also very hard to take although I continue to do what I can do as I LOVE THIS LIFE.  I am also on a disability pension now which only gives me a shameful amount to live and cannot do anything for myself.  I also have varicose veins growing in my throat.  There are times when I feel pretty helpless and sort of useless.These illnesses of all kinds produce a heavy weight on our hearts minds,souls and our emotional, spiritual, physical and financial well being.  Always thought I would be in a better situation at this point in my life but one never knows do they. It has been at times a confusing time in my life.  I want to participate for as long as I can KEEP ON KEEPIN ON.

Would like to thank this forum for allowing me to express myself.  You know it doesn't hurt to cry once in a while. Sorry for sounding kind of BLA It's been a hard day. Would like to wish all those out there with illness all the love & Respect in the world to you and your Families Thanks Again
Tom, Moncton, New Brunswick