Hepatocellular carcinoma and immunotherapy

In June 2014, four months after a liver resection, my hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) diagnosis was terminal. My AFP tumor marker was 47,000. My family started searching worldwide for treatments. Within two weeks I found this press release “Immunitor’s Breakthrough in Cancer Immunotherapy”. A proof of concept clinical study of V5 treatment for HCC in Mongolia. The treatment is an orally administered Immunotherapy developed by the company Immunitor. After my terminal diagnosis I tried standard of care treatments that might increase life span. Also, I started taking V5 in July 2014. Today, I still take V5 daily and my AFP is 6.7. My MRI shows no evidence of active cancer. Immunitor’s V5 has Orphan Designation with the US FDA and a published study. Based on the success of my HCC treatment, my wife and I felt that V5 needed and deserved to have a clinical trial. We provided our own money to Immunitor to help fund an ongoing Phase III trial at the Mongolian Cancer Center. I am not an oncologist and am not recommending anything. My mission is to share my immunotherapy experience so that others with HCC have the same information I found. Wishing you the best
Steve, Fort Collins Colorado