Get checked!

I don't know if I can fully write "my story" as I am still having a great deal of trouble accepting this death sentence. For others, it may not be a death sentence however, for me ... Anyone just learning about this "condition" will learn, that it is extremely important to see your doctor regularly and undergo any tests since this "condition" will show signs at a very late stage. I didn't do this partly because I thought I lived a relatively healthy lifestyle, ate properly, exercised regularly and could move mountains, and thought things were fine particularly since I thought I knew my body showing no signs as a good sign. Imagine thinking this way along with viewing yourself as young with many years left to do all that you want to do. Then BAM, you're told it's just a matter of months before one of your organs gives up the fight and off you go to heaven. Well, what do I do now that I am told I am not a candidate for a transplant since I have serious liver disease along with cancer. Anybody? That's all I can write for now. Remember people, get checked! Stephanie
Stephanie, London, ON