Feeling Hopeless - don't know where to turn

Diagnosed over 10 years ago - Type 1A Hep C - stage 4 cirhosis. Just received medical records from a blood transfusion I received when I was 6 months old in Calgary AB. I have the unit numbers but have no idea who to contact for compensation so I can afford treatment. Even willing to do trial testing of new meds because do not have money for treatment. I have been waiting as long as possible before treatment - do not want to even try robaverin (??). Waiting for new meds that are already in the States but not in Canada yet. Now having hypertension and blood backing up - too much damage to liver for blood to flow through. Still another month before the do the scoping and try to treat the veins.
Im scaried, I'm confused, don't know what to do. Feel like I am just sitting waiting for more complications or caner to set in. Going crazy waiting. I need answers.... Would like to hear from anyone in Southern Alberta that know what I am going through or has any advice about how to get compensation, should I hire a lawyer? Feeling hopeless and tired of waiting. I need something to give me hope.
Please feel free to to email me if you have any answers or suggestions for me. I would like to find a support group also so I will be around people who know what I am going through and understand how life changing/detroying this is.
Wondering where I could get info about the unit of blood I received back in 1969 in Calgary AB. Right now, any information would be appreciated. HELP needed
Email address: shellyinthehat@hotmail.com
Shelly, Medicine Hat, AB