Journey - Painless Jaundice Turns into PSC and Cholangiocarcinoma

In July 2014 at 42, I experienced painless jaundice for no reason that I understood. Having travelled for work extensively; this came on quick in Spain, taking me by surprise. I spent from July to September, 2014 undergoing blood tests to be diagnosed in September with PSC. Bilirubin hit a high of 579, and the itching was none like I have experienced before. After many procedures - 9 ERCP's, numerous hospital stays for infection etc; I was diagnosed further in January 2015 with Cholangiocarcinoma at 43. Until this point, all biopsies taken came back negative for carcinoma. In February 2015, I underwent surgery at Capital Health in Halifax, NS. Pre-surgical imaging showed a malignant biliary structure (tumour) suggesting that an extended left haepatectomy was a feasible option. This turned out not to be the case. The right haepatic artery was encased entirely with the tumour making the resection not possible. The next option was to re-image and possibly grow the good side of the liver by doing a portal venous embolization (or what was left, given the left side is now atrophied) followed again by doing an extended right haepatectomy. Through re-imaging, all surgical options turned out to be infeasible. From March 2015 until now - July, 2015; my hospital stays have been lesser but still common. I travelled to the Dana Farber Cancer Centre in Boston, MA. where I had a great consultation, with the knowledge that prognosis was not terrific. At this time, I am undergoing a chemotherapy regimen of Gemciatbine
Sean, Williamswood, Nova Scotia