The Long Road

Well it all began when I was 10. We were never too sure why it was iI got stomach aches all the time but it was worth checking out. Month of tests later I was diagnosed with Chronic liver disease and Auto immune Hepatitis C . At that age I wasn't still too sure what it was but I was still capable of playing sports. Which was all I really cared about at the time. As time went by I tended to get better and stronger through playing football. I had taken many camps and joined the best team. And me and my team had truly thought I was going somewhere with football. Now I add to the story I was never a big drinker.. But as the years got worse for me so did the drinking. It was grade 12 year and this was the time to shine if I wanted to ever go somewhere with football. It must of been October when I had heard back from the doctor about a sudden rise in my liver counts. It was recommended that I put all physical activities on hold. I agreed with the doctor after contacting the scouts who were planning on seeing me this year. I told them it will only be a hiccup. So we started with the tests immediately. Then came January 11th, the worst day of my life. Doctor had called my house and explained to me in a brief but demanding state that I needed to stop physical activities and take proper steps on protecting your liver because in the near future you will need another one. You can see how devastating this may have been for me. My parents being who they are told me I couldn't play anymore. I couldn't take it , I hit the lowest I had ever been for that next year. With drinking and partying and just destroying my body in any way I possibly could. I felt no reason to live anymore. Then came the second worst phone call of my life. The doctor had told our family that I only had 5 more months. My stomach had reached a massive size , my eyes were as yellow as bananas,  and I could not stop throwing up daily. So we started looking. Luckily I had 2 sisters more than willing to help me in the desperate time of mine. My oldest sister Kristina took the plunge. She took a break from her university teaching and flew to Ontario to save my life . I have always been grateful for that and continue to be. We both went through hell for that period of time. But now 21 a whole year since that day in the hospital and I  feel great. I understand now , that dream of once being a great athlete has now been and gone. I can enjoy my life in a new way, which I had never saw before due to my blind side of wanting to be a professional athlete . So I guess what I'm trying to say is, as bad as it may get for you down the road,  just know that there's always a different road you can take. You don't have to follow it because that's all you know how to do. Everyone can change and adapt . You just need to believe you can do it. Scott Carroll
Scott, Bowmanville Ontario