My Poor Sick Liver

I have cirrhosis of the liver. I was just recently diagnosed. I have not had a drink of alcohol for 17 years by choice. It did nothing for me and so I chose to not drink it. I noticed over the years that I have suffered more and more fatigue, depression, "foggy brain", and severe joint pain. I was diagnosed with hemochromatosis this past fall. My ferritin was 5,160. My biopsy showed that my liver was "blue" with iron. I have had endoscopic examinations and had three esophageal varices banded off on the first one. # 2 was ok and that was a relief. I have just had weekly phlebotomy #23. I did not have a significant drop in ferritin until #19. My ferritin is now 3,210 so that is good. I have had to go on disability due to the various health issues. I try to be grateful for all of the good things that do happen. The medical professionals need to learn what to look for with hemochromatosis because my previous doctor still says that my iron was "not bad". Good luck to all sufferers of HH and liver disease in finding ways to live as full a life as possible.
Sandy, Winnipeg, Manitoba