Why I'm Running

I am turning 58 next week and I have stage 4 of hepatitis C that I contracted from a blood transfusion. I just ran behind my manual wheel chair in my first Army Run to support our heroes. I could barely make it up the hills and another runner stopped her race to push me in my wheel chair to the last km to the finish line...and let me cross it under my own steam. People along the route were clapping for us, patting us on the back, fire fighters gave us the thumbs up and army saluted us. I was proud but I'm not a hero. I ran for someone who was. Although I'm in stage 4 and in a lot of pain I also signed up four 4 more runs over the next 2 months. All for good causes. This time though I'm using a hand crank cycle. While the medication with 90 to 100% cure rate is still not covered by OHIP I am praying that it will be very soon. I'm world class tired and in pain most of the time but there is always hope where there is life someone once said. I can only hope our politicians allow us to be treated before it's too late. I want to continue to live and to inspire others...my race time? 44 minutes...not bad for a paraplegic with stage 4 hepatitis-C.
Ruth, Ottawa Ontario