Sometimes Life seems Unfair

About 4 years ago I started having stomach troubles and after several tests and two years it was discovered I had NASH and was type two diabetic. This caused some confusion and depression. Then to top it all off my wife of 20 years decided to leave. I really felt like I had been shot and left to die. Only to find out that a lot of the confusion came from the high Ammonia levels. This was very scary as a couple of times I have no memory of and my son has told me what happened. Even though things seem to be under control I still worry they may happen again as the last time it came right out of the blue. I went to bed feeling as good as I have in years and have no memory for about 24 hours and even then it is foggy. I have an appointment with a liver specialist in four days and even though scary perhaps I will know more then. Wish me luck!

Royden, Fredericton