Surviving the 48 week Victrelis Triple treatment (peg interferon Alfa-2b, ribiviron, boceprevir)

The mental/emotional side effects I experienced in no particular order include an inability to think clearly (brain fog, difficulty adding up a column of figures or do simple calculations, remember things), angry outbursts, becoming unjustifiably angry angry with family members, depression, (feeling like killing myself on a daily basis is several times a day) deep feelings of anxiety, an inability to sleep at night, while frequently falling asleep in the day & extreme fatigue. The Physical side effects in no particular order include joint & muscle pains, loss of balance, loss of appetite, (most foods tasted terrible & I lost 40 lbs). My hemoglobin count went from 166 pre-treatment to around 70 or so during treatment. I was never transfused but had to take Eprex shots weekly for several weeks. My treatment ended 11 months ago & I still suffer from joint/muscle pains & my balance is still severely impaired. I tried physio during & after treatment but it didn't cure these issues. My hepatologist "hopes" they will go away in time. In regard to the mental/emotional issues I see a psychiatrist once every three months & he has prescribed Venlafaxine for the depression & clonasepam for the anxiety & to help me sleep. These meds seem to control the depression, anxiety & inability to sleep quite well. However I have been told that I may have to be on these meds for the rest of my life. Another factor is that I was unable to work for 14 months. On a positive note there was no virus detected in my blood work 9 months after my treatment ended. Having gone thru' this treatment I am grateful that there is no detectable virus. Having said that I have come to learn that the Victrelis Triple treatment has a success rate of 20 to 40%. Which is not very good. Some patients suffer far more severe side effects than I did & are unable to stay on the treatment. In others it simply doesn't been to work & they have unacceptably high virus levels at benchmark points during treatment & are taken off treatment. Given the Victrels Triple's rather dismal 20 to 40% success rate & the 90 to 95% reported success rate for the 12 week Harvoni treatment I would say Harvoni is the best alternative treatment especially since the side effects of Harvoni are reported to be minor at worst.
Peter, Sperling, MB