My liver

Hello my name is Nicole, and a newspaper clip inspired me to look in further to things. I'm 26 years old and have a liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis. I' ve been waiting for about 2 years now for a transplant but have been put on it and taken off the list quite often. I' ve had pain for about 5 years now and everytime I went to the hospital they would tell me I pulled a muscle or have ulcers, then one day I turned completely yellow and went back to the hospital and asked if a pulled muscle causes jaundice and that's when they finally decided I wasn't just a person going to the hospital trying to get pain killers... I don't know anyone with liver diseases or had ever had a chance to talk to anyone about it besides people who don't really understand. And in saying that I have kinda given up on hope that I will ever get one. They say Im too young to have a transplant and would like to hold off as long as possible or even give a surgery that will prolong the time I have. It's very frustrating not knowing when I will get one or if I will. I decided to write this in hoping someone else is out there that knows what I'm going through. Thank you Kindly
Nicole, Saint John New Brunswick