I got pain on my right side 2 months ago and thought that is due to kidney pain, So I just go to a drag store and got some Ciprofloxacin 750mg Tablets and got this medicine for more than 15 days but not get result finally I went to doctor for check up, When the doctor did ultrasound test he said you got fatty liver not kidney stone on your right kidney but a small kidney stone in your lift and that is very easy to lose. For your fatty liver disease you must not eat white bread, meat...etc. He asked me to just eat vegetables and change your life by regular sporting! from that time I am following his advise! and I got a great result from that. I never feel pain again as well as by this effective way I lost my 18 kg of weight. So I want other people who are in my situation do same what I did. Hopefully my self and other friends get their health back.
Mirjan, Kabul