Journey to a marathon and conquer fatty liver disease

I was diagnosed with fatty liver at a very young age and because of it I was always constantly fatigued. In December 2012, with my poor eating habits I ended up in the Emergency Room of the Hospital. I made a goal then to get rid of fatty liver and to stay in shape. I made small goals at first to run about 2km non-stop, then two became 4, which became 10 really fast. I was able to run the Vancouver 2013 Sun Run nonstop. Long story short, I wanted to run farther and longer, so I did about 57 Grouse Grinds to lose some weight, then I challenged myself to run in a half-marathon non-stop. I kept training and also watching my diet, I was able to lose 40lbs of weight. After 1800km of hard work, not only am I proud to say that I finished the BMO Vancouver Full Marathon (42.2km) and the Vancouver Sun Run 2014 (placed within top 1000/45000), I also conquered Fatty Liver.
Mike, Burnaby