I have be diagnosed with PSC (scaring of the bile ducts) for about 12 years now. It all started one day when I became extremely itchy and my skin turned yellow. I went to the clinic and the doctor there was a young and well educated man who recognized the issue immediately. He sent me to the hospital and had me admitted. They ran multiple tests and found that I had a liver disease. I was assigned a specialist who is an extremely fine doctor and has cared for me the entire time. Other issues have developed as a result of the disease. I had 9 veins in my stomach break causing me to bleed internally and it took 4 units of blood and a week in the hospital to resolve it. They had to put a probe down my throat and seal them off with rubber bands. This happed at thanks giving of course so I couldn't enjoy a turkey dinner as I was on just liquids. I had a polyp in my gallbladder that was cancerous so they had to remove that two years ago. Thank the lord that there is no signs of any more cancer. I do suffer from collides due to the disease as well but it doesn't bother me often. My liver is currently working at 10 percent but I am not ill enough to be put on the transplant list. Still the waiting game to see what it is going to do. For those of you who suffer from the itching, I have been prescribed a wonderful drug call Colestid That works well to remove the itching or at least makes thing more bearable. The drug is not designed for this but the wonderful side effect of it stops the itching. The disease hasn't interrupted my life too bad. I am still able to perform most of the things that I used to. I even went skydiving this summer. Don't let this disease get you down. It can be cured when the time is right. Thank you for listening.
Michael, Thunder Bay Ontario