Hep C from Rhogam

My name is Mary Ann and I must get this story out to more women. I received shots of Rhogam with all 3 of my children in the 80's. Three years ago a doctor tested my blood because I was complaining of a stomach infection. He sent me for a simple blood test that showed I was infected with Hep C. I have no tattoos nor have I ever been a drug user. I was on the interferon medication and my doctor took me off of it because it stopped working. I then asked for a liver biopsy so I could see how my liver was. I just found out that I am in Stage 4 of the disease with cirrhosis.  My doctor is trying to find out if fair pharmacare will pay for the new drug Incivek for me as I have no other way of getting rid of this disease. My concern is I had no idea that I even had this disease and I found out how I got this disease was from the Hep C website. I would like this story to get to more women who are negative blood type that received Rhogam when they were pregnant with their babies. My question is also why did they not call all of us women that did receive the tainted blood back for a simple blood test, they do with cars that there is something wrong with them, or if food is bad on our shelves they call that back also. It makes me mad because if I found out sooner I would have longer to live than 3-5 years my doctors are giving me, and the least thing Red Cross could do is pay for my medications.
Mary Ann, Quesnel, B.C.