PBC/AIH overlap

About 7 years ago I started experiencing a lot of strange symptoms including fatigue, mental fuzziness, change in bowel habits, heartburn etc. I continued to tell my doctor about these symptoms and it seemed that they were either brushed off as "aging" (I was in my mid/late 30's) or treated without any real investigation. My siblings had gall bladder issues and my maternal grandmother and cousin had both died of intestinal cancer and finally my doctor decided it was time for more investigation, including a colonoscopy .My gall bladder appeared to be fine but the gastroenterologist found that my liver enzymes were quite elevated. A year later during a follow up he indicated that the enzymes were elevated even more and scheduled a liver biopsy. The biopsy showed nothing significant and I was told I did not have cirrhosis or a fatty liver.........yet the enzymes continued to elevate. I was moving back to Alberta from Ontario after 26 years and I vowed that once I got settled and found a doctor I would continue to pursue the liver issues. I found a wonderful doctor who was extremely concerned with the fact that my enzyme level should have been hovering around the 40 mark were actually over the 140 mark. A new biopsy was done and my wonderful new hepatoligist told me that I had high cholesterol and the results of the biopsy were showing PBC but also signs of AIH. She began treatment for PBC while the biopsy was being completed by the hepatolgy specialty pathology team at the University of Calgary. When the results were in I was told that I have that I have PBC/AIH overlap, which is more on the rare side. In addition to the Ursodial and Lipitor, I am now taking Prednisone for 3 months as well as Imuran. I'm optimistic that things will be ok, I will continue on, enjoying life to the fullest with my husband, kids and family. I will exercise as much as I feel up to, try and eat a healthy diet and hope that these diseases do not effect my 3 daughters, as it's most commonly found in the daughters of women who have the disease.
Lyna, Airdrie,AB