It's been quite a while since I last shared my journey with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. A lot has happened since then! Since my last entry my bilirubin levels continued to increase to the point I was placed on the 'wait list' in early February. February was a very trying month, I thought I was suffering from a lung infection as I couldn't take a deep breath and my appetite disappeared. After a visit to my GP it turned out I was having an episode of ascites and the fluid in my abdomen was pressing up on my lungs thus not allowing me to breath properly. I had gained about 15 lbs in two weeks! (If I had been monitoring my weight daily, like I was told to, I would have realized the weight gain was unnatural and my appetite was so low.) Also, my legs and ankles were swelling with accumulated fluid. After that was diagnosed and a few visits to the specialists, the ascites was treated and after a couple of weeks the extra fluid had drained. I must say it was nice to see the weight scale drop by about 2 lbs a day especially for a person who has struggled with her weight all her life! Then the unbelievable happened.... I received 'the call' in the early hours of March 11 advising they might have a match for me. I arrived at the hospital and later that day was told the doner organ was good and the transplant would go ahead. It has been 4 weeks today since I had the transplant and it's amazing the progress I've made. The surgeons all said the transplant was a perfect match and the operation took one and a half hours less than the usual. Doctors and nurses alike kept exclaiming that I was recovering so well, they couldn't believe it. I'm not sure if they were just trying to make be feel good or not or if I was progressing faster than most liver transplant patients. I've progressed to the point I can now walk for 15 min on the treadmill at 2.5 m/h. I'm increasing the time and speed daily and feeling good. The medication is being monitored weekly and adjusted accordingly. Hopefully in a couple of months some of the drugs will be eliminated and others will be reduced. All in all, the last few months has been a whirlwind and my wait time on 'the list' was minimal. I will be forever grateful to the doner and his/her family for giving me this second chance at life and being able to spend more time with my children and young grandchildren. Until my next update........... Liz
Liz, Halifax NS