My journey with HEP C

It all began witht ehbirth of my son 34.5 years ago, when I had a blood transfusion due to placenta previa.
I never understand why I unexplained nosebleeds, an increase in allergy sysptons and nothing helped. Sensivities to certain drugs didn't make sense, vision changes, insomnia and the list goes on.
In the fall of 2009 I compalined of leg cramps to my doctor and she sent me for blood tests. She just being new told me about my low platelets. That's when I started, doing research on my computer about allergies and low platelets. I had been told by a manager of a health food store that when the liver is compromised allergies are affected. I found out that low platelets and liver problems are associated with the increase in allergies.
Then I complained about an itch all over, and the more I would scratch the more I would itch. In fact lumps which looked like blisters would arise in those areas.
I told all of this to my doctor who sent me for more blood work and that is how it was discovered. Then, my docsotr otkld me the liver enzymes were up and they had been that way since 2004 that she could tell. I had a cats scan done, an U/S done and everything was normal. According to my symptons I had cirrhosis of the liver.
I saw the specialist in July of 2010 He looked at my hand fold and the skin on my chest and said I had a classic text book case of HEP C. It took another 3 months before I had an MRI done ,which was normal. End of December I had liver biopsy which told me that I had cirrhosis of the liver. Stage 4.
It took another few months before the drug assistance was through and finally on April 15 I started with the Interferon/ribiviron. I have now been on it for 6 weeks and not alot of symptons besides feeling tired, coughing more and vision changes. I see the specialist beginning of July and we will see how I have responded to treatment so far.
Linda, Winkler Manitoba