Thanks to my mom

In September of 2010 after a liver biopsy, I was sitting in a doctor's office with my 2 year old and 5 month old baby when I was told that I had Primary Billiary Cirrohsis. The only cure was eventually a transplant. A month later I had a catheter inserted  in my chest for treatment called Plasmapheresis. In November of 2010 after several weeks of treatment and no results, I had told the doctor to remove the catheter and try a different method. With my marriage ending in December of 2010 and having 3 children to support, I had to fight for life. By May of 2012 I had gone from a size 10 to a double 00. I now had a side effect of the disease called Puritus. I had gone from open windows in freezing weather to no sleep at all and using a fork to help relieve my itching. My eyes had sunk in and my weight had continued to decrease and I had finally said to the specialist sobbing that I could not continue any longer and that suicide thoughts were running through my mind. I was referred and an appointment was scheduled for me on April 09, 2013. Within weeks of testing I was placed on a transplant list on May 28, 2013. My mom was the first person to call and have testing scheduled and within one month we had confirmation that our surgery was scheduled for July 03 2013. On July 02 I received a call about an hour before I was due for admitting and told that someone was really sick and needed my operating room and my surgery was to be postponed. How sad I was, but also knew someone in more need required the room more than I did. As I was calling family members to let them know my phone rings again and it was the transplant co-ordinator to let me know that I had hit the jackpot and get myself to the hospital ASAP. We are now almost 6 months later and feeling great and thanks to my hero (mom) for giving me life twice and allowing my children to have their mom back.
Leslie, toronto, Ontario