Only in Canada Eh?

I have Hep C. Was diagnosed in a routine elevated liver enzyme test in 2007. I was shocked, Geno 1 2 mil viral load, (what ever that meant at the time) I had had My tonsils out at 17, had 2 very healthy babies, had old fashioned gall bladder surgery, routine dental work and gone for regular medical/blood work all my life. I started treatment right away as my liver was showing signs of cirrhosis and after a biopsy it was confirmed. I am not over weight, I do not drink, I exercise, eat right and have worked hard all my life. No sense in 2013 saying why me......but I can ask the question why you?
I cant help but take notice in most of your stories and draw a few conclusions from the facts presented. Very seldom do we blame anyone for this death sentence, instead we are blamed when asked do you use drugs? have you had a tattoo? Do you live a different life style? (hint, hint)
How about the government, how about the dentists, how about the health systems, and how about the fact that we miss the most, is the one where it says it takes 20 - 30 years to get to the point your at of liver old were most of us????? How about that and how did it get missed????? I think the government has to own this, they have to stand up and say eh! Our Baby Boomers are most at risk and it will be real. Can you imagine them saying or asking Grama/Grampa did you use drugs? Whats your sexual preference? etc, etc, etc, Maybe they should ask how many times and how were children inoculated in Canada using the same syringe? bottle?, needle?, How well were surgical instruments sterilized, how well did dentists disinfect the tools of the trade. I am about to start treatment again with a cocktail of drugs this time trying to save my own life. I have 2 grandchildren, still have to work because the government changed the retirement age, and I live alone. I will go as hard as I can, as far as I can, for as long as I can. ONLY in Canada Eh!
Kathy, Alberta