AIH (auto-immune hepatitis)

Shortly after Easter this year (2011) I had stomach flu, so I stayed home from work. The next day, feeling better, I returned to work. Upon arrival a co-worker of mine stated that I didn't look too well, and my response was that I was unwell yesterday, so it might be something related to that. Later on in the day my co-worker said again that I looked unwell, so I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and I was yellow... like LEMON YELLOW... my skin, my eyes, everything was yellow. I phoned my doctor and they booked me an emergency appointment, and they sent me for blood tests and an ultrasound. My levels were up to 18 times what they should be... After my doctor consulted with the liver specialist in my area they determined that I had AIH. I am feeling ok, and have returned to work. I meet my specialist for the first time next week... Wish me luck on my journey!!!
Kate, Winnipeg, Manitoba