From Healthy Young Woman to Near Death in the Emergency Room!

I'm a young professional woman with a good job, great friends, awesome dogs and a nice life; I had loads of energy and was always upbeat and outgoing. Then in the winter of 2014 things drastically changed and I couldn't pinpoint why. I felt so tired all the time, my skin tone wasn't the same, I found breathing challenging, I was always nauseous, I just felt overall terrible most of the time and really not myself. Everything was so difficult to do like even just going to work or driving my car. I knew something was really wrong. Finally I went to my family Dr. and they took blood work, when they got the results back they immediately called me to say I needed to go to the Emergency Room of the local hospital right now. Of course I thought this seemed a bit much and unnecessary at the time, I never go to the hospital and only had a couple of other times over more serious things, but I went anyway. It was there that I found out that all the enzymes in my liver were off the charts high and the organ was not functioning properly. This in turn was impacting the function of other organs like my kidneys and bladder. I didn't realize it but I was on deaths door step and close to having all those organs just shut down completely and this is what had been causing all of the symptoms I had been experiencing. The emergency room doctors were very concerned, pumping IV fluid and medications in me to get things functioning better. Finally, after days in the hospital things started to improve and I was discharged. Now I've been on a long road to recovery. After a month I was able to return to work but slowly and only after two months did I start to feel better. Regular checkups and blood work with the specialists are still ongoing to ensure my liver is returning to normal and functioning properly, and an entire change to many things in my life had to occur. The diagnosis is still unclear. Doctors aren't entirely sure what cause the liver to stop functioning correctly; it could have been genetics, a virus, toxins in foods etc. I did not get to the point of having liver disease but had I not taken action, it may have turned into it eventually. So now I have to eat very healthy, no prepackaged foods with preservatives or chemicals, no alcohol even though I did enjoy some red wine at times with meals, a healthy liver is more important to have then wine and ideally the liver will rejuvenate itself. My advice to people after this very scary experience is to not take anything for granted as you don't know what could happen or when even you think you are young and healthy that things can change in a heartbeat. So make sure to take care of yourself and your liver as best as you can now. It's never too early or too late to start.

Kari, Ottawa, On