I woke up on the morning of my 44 birthday and felt a pain, It was my appendix and it had ruptured. Ouch I say ! I stayed in the hospital for a week and when I was let out I had to go and get check ups every week because I was on antibiotics for so long they wanted to make sure it was all ok. My blood work kept coming back as High liver numbers . On and On this went for 3 months. Finally I was sent to a specialist where they told me I had PBC. again ouch. My point to my story is the 3 months between. The doctors never stopped sending me for different test. They knew something was wrong and kept trying. I also wanted to get the bottom of what was going on. I think everyone should understand that if something does not feel right and your test keep coming back abnormal - keep checking - don't think that it will get better and go away. The one thing I did notice before I got on my medicine was before my diagnosis I was not even capable of having so much as a sip of wine and the next day you would think I drank the whole bottle. lol
Karen, Delta Bc