Gallbladder and Liver Disease

I was told I have a stone in my Gallbladder, a small one, I don't know and trust the one whom reads these Ultrasounds and also my doctor.

I suffer a herniated oesophagus which is so painful and hard to eat or drink. I get the hiccups every time I eat supper, very annoying, I have a lot of medications I take daily and have been taking a lot since 1990, I am afraid to find out if I have a liver disease, I should!

I have been taking painkillers almost for 23 years, I think I only one time was clean of medicine and that was the year of 2004 and into 2005, was told my bone density was bad and to what if I fell, and of course I did fall in 2005 July, I tripped on a hole on my lawn, and at the age of 44 was told I just wanted medication for pain. I did get an X-ray and it showed nothing, but I was in severe hip pain. Three months later I got a second opinion and I had a broken femur at the top of the hip. My leg tried to heal itself and it still was painful, so the doctor told me I'd be like that forever and gave me a pain patch, Fentynol 25mg. I didn't know what it was, and it seemed to help. After 8 years I still have chronic pain and I now have a patch of 75mg fentynol and Tylenol 3's along with my depression medications.

When I was 17 I had Gangrene in my bowels, I had 3 feet of small bowel removed so that was a blotched surgery because three month's before the gangrene, a surgeon took out my healthy appendix and that was where the bowel twisted, and my life went down hill from then. It is where I became a depressed girl on Tylenol 3's and taking Imodium for 12 years it didn't help my stool from forming so I couldn't go to school in that way so I quit school and got on C.P.P. disability and from then on out the Tylenol gave me a herniated stomach and the herniated oesophagus. I don't know why that happened.

I got married and actually, we had a farm and I would pick up the bushels of tomatoes and peaches, that bushel was heavy, then my husband got mad that I couldn't keep up working and on medications because I had an attack and was getting Demerol shot's and Propoxyphene for 5 years. My husband wanted a divorce and in 1994 I became a single more depressed woman. I met an old boyfriend and we had 2 kids together. I was worried that the babies would come out addicted, but I was only taking Tylenol 3 and Prozac , I still felt guilty but my Doctor assured me that it wouldn't be toxic, so now and from 2005, I raised a beautiful daughter and a son, but depression reared it's ugly head and with my stomach acting up and my bowel pain and hip pain I take about 11 pills twice daily and Fentynol patch every 3 days.

I have been scared that my liver is affected with my Gallbladder stone, what should I do to find out the damage done? My family Doctor does seem too busy overbooking patients. I have to call to find out if he has made my appointments, He said he will scope my throat because my food comes up, I've been thin all my life until this year, I am now overweight and I try to take walks with my dogs but I lost 13 pounds and still need to lose 35lbs more--wow that's a big number. I am scared for my liver as I feel a slight pain there when I bend over too far.
Julia, Crystal Beach