Fighting AIH

In reading through the stories of others with AIH, I can't help but notice the similarity in first having flu like symptoms - I too started this way in late 2010. After bloodwork was done in early January of 2011,  I was told I suffered allergies and took several meds for a month. I was cured but as the year progressed the fatigue I experienced was unusual. The onset of my period only made things worse... Then in August  the same year I began to notice a nausea after every meal, extreme fatigue and yellowing of my skin and eyes, my urine was orange too! More blood tests revealed elevated levels of my liver enzymes and after scans and MRIs were done, I had my gallbladder removed and a liver biopsy that revealed my condition. It's been over a year, it was caught early, I've taken prednisone and azathioprine. The cure can sometimes be as harsh as the disease! But I keep positive, as my surgeon told me after the fact - I'm still me, the disease doesn't define me. So with that in mind and the research I've done to understand what AIH is, I've purposely set out to find a way to somehow help my immune system read signals correctly again. I still take my azathioprine daily at 75mg a day... But I help my body with proper nourishment at what I call a cellular level. I've taken up juicing (homemade juices made of vegetables & fruits) that target my immune system, liver toxicity, bone marrow and the like. After stopping the prednisone my ALT & AST were going up again... I've had 5-6 blood tests done after I started the juicing and though they climbed a bit more at first, they are beginning to decline... Perhaps for some of us, the proper nutrition may be all we need to get back to normal. But that's not to say it can be beneficial to all, I'm no doctor, but I refuse to let this disease control me. I'm a mother of four, my youngest being 5... And they all still need mommy around. I fight for them and their love for me as we'll as my hubby. With God's grace on my side, I pray this natural process helps keep me off meds and on my way to better living, for His glory!... On another note, I've also discovered a sensitivity to gluten .... So I avoid that! I feel better today, and I hope this helps others as well as the drs who are working hard at finding a cure - I see my dr in 3 weeks, I trust for good news - GOD BLESS - stay strong and positive... We are not alone in this battle :-)
Judith, Laredo, TX