Survivor of suicide attempt .. to find out I have AIH

May 2005 I had my gall bladder removed ... doc report says he was "surprised at how large my liver was" . My family doc asked if I drank or did drugs. .I said no .. just the occasional glass of wine or drink at special occasions. He dismissed the enlarged liver and did no testing. My Mom got sick with lung cancer and was diagnosed in Sept. 2006. Feeling unwell myself and not understanding what was happening to me,  I kept returning to the doc who put me on anti-depressants because of all the outside stress. Nov 8, 2006 I tried to commit suicide and my daughter saved my life by calling the RCMP as she hadn't heard from me. I woke up in the hospital 3 days later. When I was admitted my liver was in failure. After countless blood tests, and all sorts of poking and prodding,  they diagnosed me with AIH at the end of Nov. What a relief it was just to be properly diagnosed. With the liver biopsy it was now known that I was 3+/4 stage.  Being a drug sensitive person, .there is no transplant option for me and today I continue to struggle with AIH and all the other complications of the disease such as celiac disease, osteo, varices, arthritis plus the regular things such as trochantur bursitis. This disease may be having a party inside my body and trying to wear me down but I get rejuvenated from my daughters, grandchildren (five of them - such a joy!) and my family and friends. I miss my Mom since she had to see me try and commit suicide then she passed away that January. She told me never to try that again and to stay strong with the love that surrounds me. I have followed her advice, even though there are days that I struggle. I call the lab techs "vampies" and one Hallowe'en I wore plastic vampire teeth in to get my blood tested. I told the vampie in an old vampie voice "I come to get you back! whaaaa haaaa haaa!" and the doc says "how you feeling?" I said "good, just feel me!" and I held out my arm! I live by the definition of hope, which is Helping Other People Everyday . ya never know . miracles do happen.
Jo-Ann, Calgary, AB