14 years of LIVER

Just over 14 years ago, I woke up BRIGHT yellow (did I mention i was 10) After almost 4 months and traveling to TORONTO We found out that I had AUTO IMMUNE HEP. Different then all my friends I returned to school. Much bigger then they all last seen me, I was now a subject to BULLYING. (unfair.) The only child in my area with such a disease I was the outcast. (once the incast) Years go on, high school was no different. Still subject to massive bullying and very low self esteem. (No matter what tho, My mom and Dad always made sure I felt loved, safe and special. and NEVER different) I finally reached college and was pretty healthier for once ( yup I took that and ran and had some fun for once) only a year later to be very sick again. After more testing I was told I would need a TRANSPLANT. and that my parents should do the things they wanted to do with me now before anything happened (Off to FLORIDA WOOHOO) I went back to college to TRY and make something of my self. To find myself in the middle of transplant testing. A school mate... got tested and was my PERFECT match. WHAT AN ANGEL! Transplant came... and I was up walking with in 24hrs, in out and of HOSPITAL in 5 days! after everyone settled back at home. My donor and his GIRLFRIEND turned on me. It was all about money to them and not about helping someone in need. I then fell into a depression and didn't want to live.... After a lengthy talk with doctors and my parent I came to realize that had I not  known my donor I wouldn't even be able to give them a hug or say THANK YOU face to face. and that I DIDN'T and NEVER will have to owe my donor anything. I expressed my gratefulness and how much he means and that there will never be enough thank yous to say to him. Its been 4 yrs since my transplant, and I haven't had the best luck (health wise) its been a very bumpy road in hospital and out.... pills and more pills. But at the end of the day, I have my wonderful PARENTS still by my side. and a wonderful man holding my hand, and a beautiful baby boy ( i never thought i would have) all in my corner with arms wide open and smiles on their faces every time i see them. :D
Jennifer, Sault Ste Marie