Cystic liver

For 6 yrs I had extreme abdominal pain. I was probably at my GPs office easy 100 Times in 1 year. I performed all the tests and had seen handfuls of doctors and Specialist. It felt like my my abdomen was literally being crushed. On the 7 yr I struggled to breath, was vomiting green, eyes turning yellow and was screaming in pain for 2 months I was told nothing wrong, I can't help you,  muscle pull and drug addict. I didn't give up. I advocated for myself through education and networking I realized it was the cyst on the liver the whole time but no one believed  me or they couldn't help. I emailed hepatolgist a Personal email and got a response same Day from dr Shiva Jayaraman from St. Joes Etobicoke. 4 months later I had surgery one 10 inch cyst was removed from liver. The remaining cysts feels like being stabbed With a cork screw and any pressure on abdomen increases pain but I can now function. My advise for people is to advocate for yourself and don't go on  even the 10th opinion. I had my minister come to appointments so that could get referrals. Even some of the most highly recommended drs didn't believe me.  Thanks Canadian Liver Foundation for education  and dr Jayaraman and St. Joes 10 inches is a small baby.