New diagnosed with Liver disease

I had been battling Crohn's Disease and a rare form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis for decades, when last November my new rheumatologist went through my medical history with a fine tooth comb. He noticed my liver enzymes were consistently elevated in all my blood tests which my GI had attributed to having Crohn's and Arthritis. Anyway, he sent me for an MRI and a couple of weeks later my GI informed me that I had Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and may have had it for close to 10 years. I was devastated because I was dealing with two auto immune diseases plus osteoporosis caused by Prednisone which lead me to quitting my job and going on LTD. My back and neck were fused and I was still recovering from the partial removal of my colon one and a half years prior. Of course, I was angry with God and at myself even though I was assured it was genetic and I was never a serious drinker or partier. Eventually, I settled down and went about learning all I could about this disease. I was referred to a Hepatologist who advised me to stay away from alcohol (easy) and watch my diet which was already complicated due to bowel disease. I am in a better place now emotionally but I am always on the lookout for symptoms. I have a good medical team in place and we are trying to control these conditions simultaneously. To all those suffering with liver disease, I know it is difficult and the prospects may seem grim at times and being diagnosed with a terminal illness is overwhelming . However try not to lose the essential you. I learned that I can still enjoy laughter and reaching out to other people in distress is healing.
Janice, Toronto On