Don't let disbelievers take your hope away

Before I turned 30 I developed abdo pain after A lawn machine fell in me. After several tests only 2 cysts on he liver were found totalling about 3 Inches. I continued weekly visits to family gp And finally decided to learn to live with it. 6 Years Later the pain became so severe that I continued To go to the hospital and pain management was further Prescribed. The cysts are now 6 in total and Are over 10 inches. The simple liver cysts are turning Complex and bleed. Extreme pain, nausea, green vomit And low appetitive leading to major weight lose. Complex cyst also developed on spleen. Now that Half of my liver is covered in cysts I hope to Find the right dr to help. My advice for people Who are living in pain is to keep fighting even if People don't believe u. U know yr body and pain means Something is wrong. I gave up for awhile trying To get better because no one believed me And my health has only gotten worse. It is terrible That it can take decades before u get better but Don't let disbelievers take yr hope away because It may be all that you have
J, Brantford