I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and was informed it could be treated but was expensive with a variety of side effects. At the time I declined the treatment as I did not feel I would be able to run my business and was told that some people go through life without knowing they even have Hepatitis so I was not too concerned at the time. My liver biopsy also did not raise too much concern with my doctor. In 2009 I shut down my business so that I could take the treatment. At that time I wanted to take a holiday to Mexico as I still had to wait another 3 months to see the specialist for a total of 8 months waiting time to see him. At that time I visited my Doctor and without even touching me he said I should be fit to travel so a couple days later I headed south. After one and a half weeks I was admitted to the hospital in Mexico as I had suddenly filled up with fluid even in my lungs. I was then kept in the hospital for treatment and eventually had my spleen removed. When I was released from hospital I had to return for daily blood tests and x-rays. During the next three months I was also taken to the hospital in an ambulance a couple of times. This whole thing to this point for treatment cost me over $105,000.00, so I put in a claim to Alberta Health when I returned to Alberta and have received back $8,000.00. After returning home I was put on the transplant list for a liver transplant at the U of A in Edmonton and was later taken off the transplant list and was told I had six months to a year to live. After that I contacted the University Hospital in London Ontario. At more cost, I went there for an assessment and received a transplant on July 16 2012 and now I am feeling much better but still have to be treated for hepatitis in the summer of 2013. I have to say the nursing in all hospitals was very good. Who do I sue? I was going to a hospital weather I was in Mexico or Canada except Mexico is probably half price and they did save my life. Should my doctor have examined me and advised me not to leave the country (he’s been my doctor for 25 years but not anymore). Is God a group of people that sit around a table and decide who lives or dies without a second opinion? I had better Health care in Mexico and Ontario than here in Alberta. We have the highest paid health workers in Canada so what are we paying for? The Health Care here is funded by the PC Government. Did you know that the Citizens 50 years and older can decide who will run this Province, is it time for change? I would like to hear from you if you have had similar issues. Reply to email. fedup@uymail.com
Hubert, Innisfail AB