Surviving and support with Cholangiocarcinoma

I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in Oct 2014, I had a liver resection surgery at TGH in Dec 2014 where Dr. Grieg also took my gallbladder. I am a patient at the PMCC for the next five years and have Dr. Knox as my oncologist. I respect these two individuals immensely. I am currently on Xeloda for 6 rounds for preventive measures and keeping our fingers crossed nothing reappears ini my future. It is a time will tell and it sucks. I have been on a severe roller coaster ride to say the least. I have never been sick due to this and am currently not. I belong to a group on Facebook of cholangiocarcinoma warriors, we are all fighting the same cancer and are amazed a the different treatments and different forms of diagnosis we all have from around the world. We are planning a get together for this year as we we'd all like to meet and is also open to our care givers and family. If any of the medical field is currently interested in attending we'd love that also, do a little research par say. We would like to help with research I this cancer and thought this would be a tremendous way. Please email me if interested being a patient or research.
Helen, Cambridge