Acute liver failure

I was drinking with my mates and when they left I started get server tooth ache. All night I couldn't sleep was up all night crying so I keep taking pain killers not realizing how much I toke the next day I woke up been sick every two seconds throwing up blood right then I knew something wasn't right so my boyfriend ring the hospital and explained what had happened. They told him just give her pain killer and put her to bed even know I toke overdoes. So my boyfriend’s mum toke me to the Ulster hospital and they told me I have a liver failure and might need get transplant I was scared for some reason it just didn't feel real to me . My memory bit lost so tell you what I remember anyways the next day I turned for the worst I had swollen to the brain, my whole family came up which I don't remember nothing but mum told they made a decision that I’ll be getting plan the next day to London Kings college hospital. The next day they tried to strap me in the bed to go on the plan but because I had swollen to the brain I was been cheeky to my mum and the ambulance Crew and screaming and trying my best get of the bed so they had to put me to sleep but I end up waken up so had do it again. I was then arrived in London hospital in the itcu where the doctors had shut my body down and put me on life support as I was danger to myself and others. I was on life support for 3 weeks they told my mum I may never wake up to prepare herself for the worse that I’ll need a liver transplant couldn't imagine what my mum and family went through �� at one put I thought that's it I'm going die as I seen my own funeral most scariest thing I’ve ever seen but I keep screaming I didn't want to die I keep fighting just so grateful to be alive I must have someone looking done on me �� but on road to recovery never taking any pain killers ever after that I end up the hospital had taken my tooth out while on life support as they were scared incase made things worse for me I’ll never be the same but happy be here to tell the story��

Hayley, Northern Ireland