My Story

I learned in 2002 that I had somehow acquired Hep C. Sadly or not, I had been sober over 15 yrs and certainly did not know anything about my liver being silently damaged.

In 2004, biopsy showed that I was already at stage3/4. Started treatment in Sept. Didn't have too much trouble with the sides. However, in August 2005, at the completion of treatment - there was the dragon, laughing at us.

For the next 3-1/2 yrs, I researched, joined online groups and just about anything that I could find. However, just with the knowledge that I had been so close to full stage 4 cirrhosis, I couldn't always keep the worry at bay. Then, in Jan 2009, I was blessed to be asked to participate in a clinical trial in Vancouver. Sure, it was a 12 hr return trip each time I had to go; but, I was fighting the dragon and hopefully to help bring hope to other people that were waiting.

Then, in October 2009, on a standard visit to the clinic, I learned that it was highly likely that I had 2 tumors. However, it was felt that I must complete treatment. I was also told that I was RNA-negative although I think that I knew that anyway. End of treatment was reached on Jan 14th and I went to Vancouver for the blood test. A little over 10 days later, I went back for another CT Scan. On Feb 2nd my Gastro personally called me with the bad news.

So, on Apr 7th, I was in Vancouver General for what turned out to be a liver resection. The surgeon that was performing the operation had told me that it could be 1 of 3 procedures and he wouldn't know until it was time. I had some trouble recovering from such a major surgery; but, went home after 2 weeks.

Also, beginning in Jan 2010, I was having marriage problems for unknown reasons. It was terribly hard to have confidence that my husband would even come to Vancouver for the surgery. He did!! However, I had to leave our home by the end of May.

In October 2010, I went in for the first of my semi-annual Ultra Sounds. Unbelievably, something was seen that fast. Two CT Scans later, it was felt that it was not a tumor. On Christmas Eve, my husband passed away due to Lung Cancer. That's when I began to understand why he was being so miserable.

My 2nd semi-annual Ultra Sound was just performed on Aug 18, 2011. This time 3 tumors were seen and measured. So, here I am - waiting for a CT Scan (Sept 13th in Vancouver); but, at the same time I'm very aware of what it means. So, I have been looking around for a liver cancer support group online and not having any luck.
Gloria, Comox, BC