I wrote earlier about finding out that I had contracted Hep C, now I would like to share my treatment and recovery story. At the time I started treatment I was self employed and I was looking at some huge costs for the meds. I was able to get on the Murc Care program and the drug company helped me get cured. I read all I could about the treatment and I went into it with a positive attitude. I was lucky my genome/variety of Hep C was easily treated and I had good chances of success as well as only being on the treatment program for 6 months. Still in those 6 months there was 49 pills and 1 self administered injection every week and about 20 blood tests. I was able to continue working and as a logger it was tough with the physical demands of the job, but I kept a positive outlook and I had awesome support from my family and my nurse practitioner. I am not writing this to brag I just want others to know that there is hope if you have been diagnosed with Hep C. My blood tests revealed that the drugs were working within 2 months and even though my hemoglobin counts went just below 100 I was able to exercise and stay active which helps with the nausea and keeps you positive. I am now 8 months since I finished the treatment and my stamina and strength are still progressing well and I know it could take another year to return to normal again but it is worth it. I am thankful that I went into this with the knowledge about the physical and psychological side effects of the medications which can get overwhelming and I was prepared and ready for them. If you have the chance please think about getting cured it is so much better now knowing I am free of Hep C
Gary, BC