My Hep C story

A year ago last May (2012) my doctor became concerned with my high blood pressure and asked if i have ever been tested for Hep. I informed her that no I hadn't, as it turns out I had Hep C2B. Not the most memorable day in my married life having to come home and tell my wife that I had infectious Hep C and she and both my boys needed to be tested. Thankfully they all tested negative, what a relief. So now treatment, I am self employed and my insurance didn't cover all the costs but Merk Care stepped in and is covering the $1000.00 every 2 weeks for the drug program. I can't thank them enough. The type of Hep C I have is very treatable and my doctor has assured me that my chances of beating this are just over 90% for the 1 self injection and 49 pills a week for 24 weeks. So where did I get it and how did I manage to not infect my wife or kids? Sadly for a short time in the early 80's I was an intravenous drug user(cocaine). While I only did it for 2 or 3 months I haven't been able to contact my drug using partners from that era to confirm if they have Hep or not. So that leaves 20 years as a medic on logging sites in remote BC coast camps and at the same time a volunteer firefighter/medic for a rural Fire Dept, both of which are hard to prove and impossible to get WCB coverage for given the previous drug lifestyle and WCB's mandate to disprove claims when ever possible. Was it the 2 operations and blood transfusions I had as a child in the early 70's? While the treatment is hard on my body I am in fairly good shape, a little overweight but who isn't. I am still working as a logger in the steep mountains of BC and enjoy the physical work. I don't mean to scare anyone thinking about the treatment side effects, but they can be difficult to live with but the diarrhea, tiredness, irritability, having to pee 3 times a night, excessive sweating, soreness at the injection sites every week are most definitely worth it. I want to live and be free of this disease, if it means never having a beer again so be it. I will get through this with a positive attitude and a good outlook, I have no other choice. I am 6 weeks into the 24 week treatment program and the side effects are starting to get a little better and the blood work is confirming that the treatment is working well, so i will continue. I will try and write again when I am finished.