The Demon in My Blood

I've spent most of my adult life as a journalist. Then in 2014 my career screeched to a halt when I was diagnosed with liver disease. The hepatitis C virus had swarmed through my liver for 40 years. I was scared I would die. I tried to calm myself by doing research about the liver, exploring how I might have acquired the HCV, and spending many hours blogging ( about hepatitis C. I became one of the first persons in Canada who was cured of HCV without using interferon. The blog led to a book. It tells about my hippie years when many Baby Boomers experimented with drugs and inadvertently acquired the hep C virus. I interviewed other people who had hep, including former manager of the Rolling Stones Andrew Loog Oldham. I interviewed acclaimed hep C researchers and advocates. I learned that people who contract this disease all have a story to tell, and it's not just a story about their liver. It's about their heart. The Demon in My Blood will be published in spring 2017 by Greystone Books.
Elizabeth, Gibsons