25 years and now cured

In 1986 following a bad motorcycle accident I had surgery. Little did I know the blood transfusion meant to save my life carried Hep-C. I found out in 2002 after the postman knocked on my door with a registered letter from HEMA Quebec (Red Cross). The donor had died and they contacted those that had received his blood. Through some research HEMA Quebec knew of the tainted blood when they gave it to me. I took this news very seriously and immediately ensured a healthy lifestyle. My Hepatologist monitored the disease through blood tests every 3 months. When my enzymes skyrocked in 2009, I was told I had to start treatment which I promptly did. The treatment was not a walk in the park and I had every side effect they warned me of. I stuck with it and after the 6 month of treatment I was Hep free for the first time in almost 25 years. Before I started I had mild fibrosis and now since getting rid of the virus, eating well and working out at the gym I have very light fibrosis. The doctor had told me one can sometimes slightly reverse liver damage after treatment. I feel great ! If you are contemplating treatment I would go through with it. It is a good feeling to be cured.
David, Montreal