Autoimmune Hepatitis

Hi All - I am 48 and have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. I have never drank alchol or been obese. So I guess I am not classic. I do not have cholestrol problems. About 5 years ago my liver enzymes went a little wacky and climbed into the low 100's. My GP put it down to a fatty liver after an ultrasound but we monitored the enzymes every 3 mos. They continued to be all over the map. I asked for a referral to a specialist. I had a biopsy on March 2013 at McMaster in Hamilton ( it was not a big deal though it took me a few days to regain my energy levels ). The pathology from McMaster suggest PBC or a Fatty Liver but it was decided that a second opinion was needed and the biopsy was sent to a Toronto hospital where the original pathology was discounted and I was deemed as having Autoimmune Hepatitis. In September I began two drugs - Entocort and Azathioprine. It is 90 days later and my enzymes have reduced but not as much as my specialist had hoped so we upped the Azathioprine. I am now having some issues with my periods but my specailist feels we need to stay the course. I am feeling a little dejected :-( Hoping it will pass...and of course all I read about is how Azathioprine almost always leads to I am feeling a little nervous.
Dana, Ontario