My life

I was recently diagnosed with Hep c, happen to be diagnosed on my little sisters birthday. 
I haven't had the perfect life, doing drugs, bad relationships. We'll in August 2013 my ex-boyfriend had done some tattoos on me after already using the needles on himself. I got extremely sick in the ending of October 2013 and was hospitalized for being so sick, my liver had swelled up and my blood had gotten extremely thick, the hospital in Brampton Ontario didn't do tests for hepatitis C. My life went downhill from there, on April 23 2014 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C.

It's not an easy life to have, to be extremely careful of what you do and how you go about your life, but I can say my liver has been swollen and doctors are taking very good care of me until I see a specialist in august. I now know to keeping a healthy diet and keeping active, you will live a happy and healthy life