Fighting To Beat Fatty Liver Disease

My name is Belinda and this is my short story on my liver disease. Last year a lot happened to me, from dealing with a bad car accident that my mom, grandma, and I were in to having a hysterectomy. Then months later I found out in late summer/early fall that I was having problems with my liver. My liver enzymes were high then I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I am not obese to say the least. I know I have to lose some extra pounds like any other Canadian out there that always tries to lose weight. For me I have trouble loosing weight cause of my metabolic disorder/PCOS. I am a person that will not give up easily, from dealing with asthma all through my life to living with PCOS and now I am in control of my diabetes and liver disease i'm making better healthier choices. Its not like I was a junk food eater I was far from that but now I am wiser in making better choices in trying to stay healthy in beating my liver disease and diabetes. So if I can anyone can.  To all others out there, never give up, you are not alone.
Belinda, Calgary Alberta