The pain won't go away

Hello, my name is Audrey. I am a 26 year old finishing my degree in education. I've always been the outgoing type of person doing a million things at the same time, but that all stopped in January 2010, when I found out I had Focal nodular hyperplasia. At first the doctors told me it wasn't a big thing, that I could live my entire life normally without worrying about a thing. But I kept telling them that the pain was unbearable. At first, they didn't believe me, as if, taking meds and spending my days in the hospital was my idea of fun. So I went back to the hospital, and told them: "most of the time the pain is so intense I can't even stand up, my boyfriend needs to help me get to the washroom..." Finally they took my case seriously. Since then, I've had 3 operations, and now there is talk of a transplant. I am taking morphine on a regular basis, trying to keep going on with my life. If you do not feel well and the doctors keep telling you it is nothing, you need to insist because only you know the amount of pain you are living with! Good luck to y'all.
Audrey, montréal