Liver Health Information and Resources for Health Care Professionals

The Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) partners with professional associations like the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) along with academic institutions, hospitals, government agencies, and others to help provide information and resources to the medical community to support our common goal of improving liver health care in Canada.

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For quick access to Hepatitis C information for Health Professionals, click here

For quick access to Hepatic Encephalopathy information for Health Professionals, click here

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We want to hear from the medical community. Input from you helps us to identify professional education programs and resources which meet the needs of your patients and your community. If you would like information or education in a particular area (i.e.: paediatric, liver health/prevention, etc.) or type of liver disease (i.e.: fatty liver disease, hepatitis, liver cancer, etc.), please contact Karen Seto at or 1-800-563-5483 x4939.